General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS)TransportationBikeshare
North American Bikeshare Systems Association (NABSA)
| Version: 1
Provides real-time information for bikeshare systems, such as number of available docks or bikes per station. Apps such as Transit can easily incorporate bikeshare station locations and statuses across participating cities
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
  • About the Publisher: No information
  • Updated by Publisher: 2016-09-08
  • Level of Use: Currently used by 50 bikeshare operators, mostly in the US.
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: JSON format includes a root page on a gbfs domain with auto-discoverable links to JSON files
  • Stakeholder Participation: Stakeholders can collaborate and communicate on Github
  • Consensus-based Governance: Documentation is completely open on Github
  • Extensions: Possible future enhancements such as distinguishing between multiple bike types in a system were proposed but do not fit into the current specification
  • Machine Readable: JSON only
  • Human Readable: Standard uses long, descriptive attribute names. Root page includes links and names for all the feeds provided by the operator
  • Requires Real-Time Data: First two attributes in JSON are last_updated in epoch time, and ttl, which specifies the number of seconds until the data will be updated
  • Metadata: No information
Added to directory: 2017-05-24