Building & Land Development Specification (BLDS)BuildingsBuilding Permits
Accela, BuildFax, Buildingeye, Civic Insight, DR-i-VE Decisions, SiteCompli, Socrata, Zillow
| Version: 1.2
A specification for building and construction permit data. Comprises of basic required fields and optional dataset fields. Data about building permits are a good proxy for economic activity. Therefore, more accessible data about permits informs data users about the well-being (or lack of well-being) of a community. In addition, opening up this information helps establish trust between governing bodies and the public
  • License: No information
  • About the Publisher: Standard brings together publishers from the private sector and civic government. Collective process between stakeholders within the Housing and Real Estate field of the Open Data Network
  • Updated by Publisher: 2016-08-04
  • Level of Use: The cities that have adopted BLDS in draft stage include Alameda, CA, Bernalillo, NM, Omaha, NE, Deschutes, OR, Charlotte, FL, San Diego, CA, ReNo, NV, Framingham, MA, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, Fort Worth, TX, Tampa, FL, Chattanooga, TN
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: The fields for the specification are intentionally few and broad so that the standard may be applied across jurisdictions more easily. Creators of the standard struggled with compromising between granular level data (good for consumers) and more universal data the could applied over a wider range of jurisdictions. Meant to be adopted by large and small cities across the east and west coasts
  • Stakeholder Participation: Collaborative effort by tech. companies, government, and stakeholder groups
  • Consensus-based Governance: Standard includes an Issue tracker on the GitHub repository. It is also possible to contribute sample datasets, to 'pull requests' on GitHub, to post thoughts and advice in a provided discussion forum, and access their mailing list
  • Extensions: No information
  • Machine Readable: Standard consists of CSV files saved as basic, separated .txt files. These are NOT variables in a program language or database engine. However, they still adhere to database normalization assuming data will be fed into RDSM. This multi-file database structure ought to be normalized. CSV file names are as follows: publication_info.csv, permits.csv, permits_history.csv, contractors.csv, permit_contractopr.csv, inspections.csv. Fields for each dataset are either required, recommended, or optional
  • Human Readable: Specification uses metadata, field identifiers and semantics
  • Requires Real-Time Data: Standard employs an optional permit status change dataset to track permit data over time
  • Metadata: Standard requires publication_info.csv file. This acts as a source of information about the data publisher, version of standard, data being published... etc
Added to directory: 2017-06-26
Application Tracking Data Interchange Specification (ATDIS)BuildingsBuilding Permits
OpenAustralia Foundation
| Version: 1.0.2
ATDIS includes a schema for describing planning applications. An API format is also specified for feeds of the database of planning applications
  • License: MIT
  • About the Publisher: The OpenAustralia Foundation is a charity whose goal is improving democracy and transparency in Australia. They do so by creating technology to allow Australians to understand and participate in government activity
  • Updated by Publisher: 2014-03-21
  • Level of Use: Used by all councils in New South Wales, expanding to the rest of Australia
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: Although designed for use in Australian municipalities, structure and element names are globally transferable
  • Stakeholder Participation: Partnership between Open Australia Foundation and government of New South Wales
  • Consensus-based Governance: Changes are welcome through commits on their GitHub page
  • Extensions: The specification for the feed structure includes a block for optional extended record types
  • Machine Readable: REST feeds are either in JSON or XML format
  • Human Readable: JSON format is the default for the REST API
  • Requires Real-Time Data: Feed includes the most up to date entries in the database
  • Metadata: No information
Added to directory: 2017-06-19
Planning ApplicationsBuildingsBuilding Permits
Local Government Association (LGA)
| Version: No information
A CSV template for publishing the details of construction permit applications to English local councils.
  • License: Data providers are encouraged to publish under the Open Government Licence. While the LGA maintains a copyright to the documentation, the standard does not appear to be licensed
  • About the Publisher: The Local Government Association represents the interests of English and Welsh municipal councils in national government. The LGA also promotes communication between local government authorities and develops best practices. LGA standards have been developed in response to the UK's Local Government Transparency Code, which encourages the publication of government data in standardized machine-readable formats.
  • Updated by Publisher: 2015-02-15
  • Level of Use: 376 District and County Councils are members of the LGA
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: Many fields require URIs that are specific to UK legal code
  • Stakeholder Participation: The Local Government Association consists of local government officials who collaborate to develop best practices for local authorities, the would-be stakeholders.
  • Consensus-based Governance: Although schemas and documentation are held on GitHub, changes can only be decided by the LGA
  • Extensions: The LGA provides a CSV template, and extensions are not supported by the LGA data portal
  • Machine Readable: CSV format required
  • Human Readable: CSV template has readable headers
  • Requires Real-Time Data: Dates included in the applications are noted, as well as the date that the data was extracted from its source database, but there is no requirement for consistent publication
  • Metadata: No information
Added to directory: 2017-08-20