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REI Systems, NYC Comptroller's Office
| Version: 2
This application is highly detailed and allows you to customize the data yourself in order to visualize NYC budget, expenditure, revenue, and contract data. The application has information about W/MBE (Women/Minority Business Enterprise). It was based on the model (for federal budget and expense information). Can export the raw data through API's controllers
  • License: GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0
  • About the Publisher: REI Systems have contributed to building open source government websites. REI teamed up with state workers at the NYC Comptroller's office to create Checkbook NYC
  • Updated by Publisher: 2017-08-08
  • Level of Use: Limited to NYC
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: Adapted from the city's central Financial Management System (FMS) software. Hope to develop a web-based application to 'create something that other cities might be willing to share the cost of maintaining and improving'
  • Stakeholder Participation: NYC Comptroller office leads in the implementation and development of the standard
  • Consensus-based Governance: Application source code is posted to GitHub. Have the option to pull requests and post issues. API open source software is posted to GitHub. Anyone can participate by pulling requests and contributing to the issue tracker on GitHub
  • Extensions: API extended to include a featured dashboard. Dashboard provides highly detailed information about contract/spending data
  • Machine Readable: API displays the financial data in a web-based dashboard
  • Human Readable: Dashboard embedded in HTML web page. HTML code includes metadata and resource identifiers
  • Requires Real-Time Data: Up to date by yearly quarter
  • Metadata: HTML web page that hosts the API includes metadata
Added to directory: 2016-08-01
Local Government Association (LGA)
| Version: 1.3
The Local Government Transparency Code requires that governments publish details of any expenditure exceeding £500. The Local Government Association developed a common format for local councils to publish spending data, providing a data template as well as a standardized schema for local governments to use
  • License: Data providers are encouraged to publish under the Open Government Licence. While the LGA maintains a copyright to the documentation, the standard does not appear to be licensed
  • About the Publisher: The Local Government Association represents the interests of English and Welsh municipal councils in national government. The LGA also promotes communication between local government authorities and develops best practices. LGA standards have been developed in response to the UK's Local Government Transparency Code, which encourages the publication of government data in standardized machine-readable formats.
  • Updated by Publisher: 2015-01-06
  • Level of Use: 372 District and County Councils are members of the LGA
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: Field headers use English government terminology
  • Stakeholder Participation: The Local Government Association consists of local government officials who collaborate to develop best practices for local authorities, the would-be stakeholders.
  • Consensus-based Governance: Although schemas and documentation are held on GitHub, changes can only be decided by the LGA
  • Extensions: The schema contains many optional fields, but additional fields are not supported.
  • Machine Readable: CSV format required
  • Human Readable: CSV template has readable headers
  • Requires Real-Time Data: Contract and spending data are released quarterly
  • Metadata: No information
Added to directory: 2017-08-18