Voting Information Project (VIP) SpecificationElectionsVoter Precincts
Pew Charitable Trusts, Google, US State Governments
| Version: 5.1
Specification indicates voter precincts. The intent is for information disseminators to utilize the schema to provide all citizens with the information they need to cast a ballot
  • License: Creative Commons-Attribution license, version 4.0
  • About the Publisher: The Pew Charitable Trusts is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Google is a private technology based company
  • Updated by Publisher: 2017-06-30
  • Level of Use: Only in the USA
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: Easy to adopt for state and local elections in the USA. Simple formats (CSV and XML) increase adoption across jurisdictions
  • Stakeholder Participation: Government workers at the state level contribute to the publication of the VIP spec. The diversity of stakeholders encourages an inclusive open standard process
  • Consensus-based Governance: The project also has a mailing list for inquiries. Also can contribute to the VIP Community Google Group. Google forum is meant to 'foster a collaborative environment'.!forum/vip-community
  • Extensions: TrusttheVote Project is working on making the standard include contest and question data, location data, result for each location and contest combination, performance and participation data
  • Machine Readable: XML and CSV format. Required top level tags include source object and election results object. These top level tags require an id attribute in order to uniquely identify them within the data file
  • Human Readable: According to the standard's specification, the VIP feed should be named vipFeed-[FIPS code for state or county]-[election year]-[election month]-[election day].xml
  • Requires Real-Time Data: No indication of when standard should be updated following an election
  • Metadata: Have metadata for political party. Otherwise not for metadata in standard's specification
Added to directory: 2017-07-09
RepresentElectionsVoter Precincts
| Version: No information
Represent is an open database of elected officials and districts in Canada. Open North provides a template to be filled out and uploaded on municipal websites. Open North has an API for finding representatives and districts by geographic location.
  • License: MIT License
  • About the Publisher: Open North is a non-profit that works to improve transparency through open data in Canadian government
  • Updated by Publisher: 2017-07-20
  • Level of Use: Used by many municipalities across Canada
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: The fields in the template correspond only to Canadian electoral districts and positions
  • Stakeholder Participation: Template and API created solely by Open North
  • Consensus-based Governance: All of Open North's projects are on GitHub, although contribution appears to be solely internal
  • Extensions: Template has optional fields as well as tolerance for additional fields (such as Personal Website)
  • Machine Readable: CSV or .xls spreadsheets are machine readable
  • Human Readable: Spreadsheets are downloadable and viewable in Excel or similar program
  • Requires Real-Time Data: No information
  • Metadata: No information
Added to directory: 2017-06-15