Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
| Version: 2.0.1
WaterML is a standard model for representing water observation time series
  • License: Copyright OGC
  • About the Publisher: The Open Geospatial Consortium is an international standards body that promotes collaboration in developing formats for geospatial data
  • Updated by Publisher: 2014-02-24
  • Level of Use: No information
  • Open License: No
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: Designed to be a general specification for hydrologic time-series in any setting
  • Stakeholder Participation: Standard Working Group included public and private stakeholders such as Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Australian CSIRO, KISTERS AG, UK CEH, and USGS
  • Consensus-based Governance: The OGC StandardsTracker tool allows change requests and comments to be submitted
  • Extensions: WaterML is designed to allow encoding of data in a variety of exchange scenarios
  • Machine Readable: XML schema
  • Human Readable: Complex XML schemas with complex hierarchy and cryptic element names
  • Requires Real-Time Data: Schemas include a generationDate
  • Metadata: Makes use of OGC's Observations & Measurements standards, Geography Markup Language
Added to directory: 2017-06-15
Open Water Rate Specification (OWRS)EnvironmentWater
California Data Collaborative
| Version: No information
OWRS is a machine-readable format for specifying and sharing water rate information. OWRS is designed for analysts, economists, and software developers interested in analyzing water rates. OWRS attempts to fully encode a water utility's rate structure and pricing schedules in a form that is easy to store, share, modify and apply programmatically.
  • License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
  • About the Publisher: The California Data Collaborative or CaDC is a voluntary, collaborative project where local cities, water retailers and land planning agencies have come together to build new data infrastructure to ensure California has reliable water today and into the future. The CaDC has pioneered a new 501c3 data infrastructure non-profit and provides analytical tools and dashboards that are developed using freely available open source tools.
  • Updated by Publisher: 2017-03-04
  • Level of Use: All examples shown by CaDC are within California
  • Open License: Yes
  • Transferable to other Jurisdictions: OWRS is a general structure that supports many different types of water rates (e.g. tiered versus budget-based) with no regionally specific attributes
  • Stakeholder Participation: The CaDC is made up of stakeholders from California utilities sector
  • Consensus-based Governance: Contributions can be made to the OWRS and other CaDC project on their GitHub page
  • Extensions: Extensions only permissible in the metadata, where agency information is located. Rate structure is inclusive but non-extensible
  • Machine Readable: YAML key-value pair structure
  • Human Readable: YAML structure is even easier to parse than regular markup languages or JSON
  • Requires Real-Time Data: effective date is a required element for a bill, and municipalities will release the rate bills at regular intervals
  • Metadata: Metadata includes fields such as agency or utility name, date, and bill frequency
Added to directory: 2017-06-14